On Board, with Clear Channel

Let not only the sights, sounds, and tastes of Belize go back home with passengers, but also what your business can offer them!

According to the Belize Tourism Board, arrivals to Belize continue to record impressive growth with overnight visitors. 77.4% of visitors coming to Belize have arrived via the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) in 2019 so far. With more airlines making Belize a route on their daily schedule - advertising at the airport is more important than ever if your goal is to reach Belize’s tourist market as you’ll have a higher probability of your ad being seen as the first welcome to Belize. With passenger time spent at customs and immigration, luggage retrieval or even indulging in some duty free shopping, passengers can capture with their eyes advertisements on digital displays spread across the hall area.

Dots Per Inch Ltd (a subsidiary of McNab Visual), in partnership with Clear Channel and Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport have been bringing to life what companies in Belize have to offer. We have worked together with Brian Slepetz , Sr. Regional Marketing Consultant (and his team), over the last 5 years and provided solutions for their customers and together defining the airport advertising industry in Belize. Design and production solutions include: billboard wall wraps, tension fabric displays, column wraps, luggage carts and even digital display ad production.

McNab Visual is the only local vendor recommended by Clear Channel to do airport sign printing and installation. We also maintain airport ad locations (both print and digital) for their clients. 

Being able to collaborate with one of the leading airport advertisers in the region, Clear Channel, has allowed us to successfully assist local businesses to have an international customer base without leaving the country.

- Tanya McNab, Creative Director, McNab Visual

The most recent expansion to the list of advertising opportunities have been in digital advertising at both the arrival and departure areas of PGIA. Given the opportunity, our team at McNab Visual can get ads moving by creating concepts that are captivating, informative and direct on television displays for the on-the-go consumer. In a recent US based study, airports ranked #1 in digital advertising recall - 74% of people recall seeing airport digital video display - so if you haven’t considered this form of advertising, now might be a good time. (Reach out to Brian at BrianSlepetz@clearchannel.com).

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Saying your goodbyes to visitors while they lounge in the departure waiting area can be done through both print and digital displays - Let not only the sights, sounds, and tastes of Belize go back home with passengers, but also what your business can offer them!