A Small Visual with Big Meaning

The Challenge – Developing the 2020 Housing & Population Census Logo

Creating a logo is capturing an organization’s mission and identity, condensing it into a single image. This  involves an elaborate creative process.  It is a test for the designer to create a stamp that immediately conveys the message amongst a constant bombardment of distractors.  However, it can be done!

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The Project

The Statistical Institute of Belize, is an organization charged with the collection, compilation, extraction, analyzation and dissemination official statistics related to demographic, social, environmental, economic and general activities of Belize. They are the autonomous body that conducts the Population and Housing Census.  Every 10 years the information of every man, woman and child in the country is compiled to give the most comprehensive picture of the entire population – very much like the process of creating a logo.

The importance of a census is crucial to the understanding of the population. It allows for more effective planning for the future. Acknowledging the necessity for public awareness of such a large endeavor, the SIB launched a logo design contest. It not only encouraged people to create a logo for the Census campaign but also created a media buzz.  After receiving a total of 19 submissions, an original concept submitted by Darwin Tzib from San Antonio village was chosen as the winner.

Logo Contest Winner (Darwin Tzib) and McNab Visual Strategies Creative Director (Tanya McNab)

Logo Contest Winner (Darwin Tzib) and McNab Visual Strategies Creative Director (Tanya McNab)

McNab Design

As part of the judging panel, McNab Visual Strategies’ creative director, Tanya McNab, developed the winning concept further. It meant fine tuning the concept into a logo that fully embodies the SIB’s mission. An attention grabbing graphic that conveys the importance of the census and public participation was created.  Elements that were both vibrant and fresh as well as inviting and familiar were chosen. Introducing the colour green, which is associated with nature, health, renewal, good fortune and growth added a lighter feel to the design. The inclusion of the slogan “Count me in” also made for an approachable and resonating message of inclusion and unity. Good logos should be simple yet versatile, memorable and appropriate. The 2020 Census includes these attributes, engaging those who see it while sharing the importance of coming together for the betterment of all.