NAIA Resort and Spa

Create a brand that would stand out in the cluttered category of travel.

Nestled within a private 200-acre reserve on the Placencia Peninsula, Naïa Resort and Spa is an intimate, natural playground that sets the stage for uncommon adventures and personal growth. 

McNab Visual was approached by in 2015 to be a part of this project by Naia's developer and established business man in Belize, Stewart Khron.  Stewart had a strong vision for Naia and how he wanted the world to view his brand.  Engaged as the only local design firm on the creative team, McNab Visual created the resort logo, brand guide and strategy, as well designed all collateral print items and installed a signage masterplan for the entire development, including the residential community of Cocoplum, a 200-acre private development also by Stewart Khron.

Our mission was to create a brand that would stand out in the cluttered category of travel and an image that would set it apart from just being a vacation option, but a place for self-development and renewal.  We created an identity with a strong personality and a vibrant package design, to communicate its story. 

Naia opened its doors in early 2017.